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Jan. 7th, 2008

Character Sheet

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Biography of David Talbot

David was born in 1917 to a wealthy, established family based in the British Cotswolds. He enjoyed a typical childhood, often spending months in India while his father and mother taught the local children to read and write English. It was during these early years, and under the influence of a culture far more ancient than western civilization, that a deep sense of appreciation for the unknown became established in David's soul. At the dawn of World War II he served for a brief time in the Royal Navy, but due to his family's influence, and a mild case of anemia, he was discharged in 1940. He travelled west toward the little-known areas of South America and the Caribbean, intending to tutor the natives and hunt the lush and expansive tropical jungles, where animals were rumored to exist that no man had yet before seen.

One fateful night in Brazil, David happened upon a gorgeous native boy with whom he promptly fell in love. The boy's mother, a Candomble priestess, found the relationship unacceptable. Angry that David could not be deterred, she sent spirits after him which plagued him day and night from South America all the way back England. Desperate to find help for her son, Mrs. Talbot sent for a psychic order of detectives known as the Talamasca. With their help, David learned to control the spirits that had tortured him for almost a year.

Deeply shaken by his supernatural experience, David returned to Brazil to find the priestess. He begged her to take him as a pupil, to teach him what she knew so he too could harness the power that had almost drove him mad. She accepted reluctantly, and for the next ten years David trained until his mastery of Candomble even rivaled his instructor. When the priestess died, David returned to England a changed man. Unable and unwilling to return to some semblance of a normal life, the thirty-five-year-old man decided to join the Talamasca.

The Talamasca is an order so old even its members can't tell you when and how it originated. Established in Amsterdam, their motherhouses now stretch from London, Rome and New Orleans to other various locations around the globe. Due largely to the wealth of the Knight's Templar, its resources and capabilities are nearly infinite. Their records stretch back a milenia, bringing truth to their motto, "We watch, and we are always here." Members of the Talamasca dedicate their lives to the order, specializing in specific areas of the paranormal. Members of the Talamasca never forget the cardinal rule of the Order: watch, but never interfere.

David ascended the Talamascan heirarchy quickly, soon devoting his career to the study of vampires. In his senior years, he received his final promotion: Superior General, the highest position a devotee can achieve. However, as his mortal days dwindled, David became almost obsessed with a vision of God and the devil he had seen when he was a young man. He spent much of his time reading the Bible and trying to unlock the mysteries of God.

At a Vampire Lestat concert in 1985, things change drastically for David's future. A young member of the Talamasca named Jesse Reeves disappears. Suspicious about her disappearance, David renews his interest in Lestat de Lioncourt, the infamous "Brat Prince" of the immortals. Unbeknownst to him, Jesse has already told Lestat all about David, and the vampire soon pays the aging Superior General a visit. Lestat offers David the Dark Gift but the elderly gentleman steadfastly refuses, dispelling Lestat's illusions that no human being can deny immortality. David and Lestat form a tentative friendship, despite the rules set out by the Order and the vampire code. The mortal intrigues Lestat, and he soon comes to respect him because despite Lestat's true nature, David still fundamentally accepts him.

In 1991, Lestat accepts an offer from former Talamascan Raglan James to switch bodies. As planned, Lestat's soul comes to possess the body of a 6'4, brawny, mixed-Indian mortal with dark skin and strong features. Lestat soon tires of mortality but finds himself unable to return to his vampire body because Raglan James has disappeared with it. Abandoned as by his own kind as punishment, Lestat turns to David for help. Together, they track down Raglan James on the cruise liner Queen Elizabeth II and attempt to knock the body thief out of Lestat's form, so the true vampire can re-inhabit it. However, during the struggle, Raglan pushes himself into David's seventy-four-year-old body instead, and David has no choice but to occupy the young mortal body.

Lestat soon destroys David's old body with Raglan inside of it, and David is freed from his former existence as Superior General and aging mortal being. Now, in the guise of a 26-year-old male in te prime of his youth, he sees the opportunity for a new life and a myriad of possibilities. However, Lestat, convinced of his own evil nature, decides to turn David into a vampire against his will.

On a warm night in Barbados, Lestat attacks David; even the spirits David knew so long ago in the jungles cannot stop Lestat from finishing the grisly deed. Angry at first, David disappears and refuses Lestat's company. Soon, though, he admits he desired the Gift all along, but knew he could never compromise his integrity by asking Lestat.

David calls himself a "new vampire." Evolved. He spends his time traveling among the immortals, learning what he can and requesting the life stories of those that desire to recount the tale. To date, David has recorded the stories of Armand and Pandora, and given the world the account of Lestat's adventure with Memnoch, the Devil. He is young in the blood, but unique in that he has experienced a full mortal life, a feat none of the other members of the Coven of the Articulate can claim. He is unsure of his future, afraid he might not have the stamina to accept immortality.

And so, he sleeps.